Other Resources

In researching for this site, I have come in contact with a wide range of resources which might be helpful to those looking for information on the bi-vocational model.  I do not intend to provide a link to every site I have visited, but I do not want to hold back information which might be helpful (even if only to a few).  Therefore, below is a list of resources I feel might possibly be helpful or encouraging; these range from dissertations on the topic to book lists to online articles.  I hope you find them useful in some way.

Article on the topic from Grace Communion International

Article from parsonage.org

Doctor of Ministry thesis by Dennis Bickers, specifically about coaching bi-vocational pastors (however, issues like the theoretical basis of bi-vocational ministry and the challenges associated with the model are addressed; the work contains much useful information)

Independent Research Report on Bi-Vocational Ministry, put forth by the Midwest Ministry Development Service in 1992.  Though older, this document provides some helpful thoughts about the nature of bi-vocational ministry, as well as firsthand reports from those who were engaged in this model at that time.

Bi-Vocational Pastor Packet, put forth by the Mennonite denomination.  Though focused on this particular denomination, this packet provides several helpful articles surrounding the bi-vocational model.

Survey Results, also from the Mennonite denomination, comparing full-time pastors with bi-vocational pastors through survey responses.  This has some interesting information.

Doctor of Ministry Thesis by Diane Brennemen, on finding a healthy arrangement for bi-vocational pastors and their congregations.  Again this is connected with the Mennonite denomination, but this thesis certainly offers helpful information.

A Bibliography of Books and Articles Related to Bi-vocational Ministry.  This is related to the above thesis, and points to most of the books and articles in print surrounding this topic.  Most of these books are older and would appear to refer to a different time and a somewhat alternative take on bi-vocational ministry.  Yet some of them might be helpful, so the list is included here for those who desire to research further.

Article on Bi-vocational Ministry in USA Today

Book about Bi-vocational Church Planting by Steve Nerger.  This book contains a wide scope of information and research surrounding church planting bi-vocationally and is worth a read.  It also includes a bibliography of helpful works on the topic.

Article on the topic from Explore the Call

Article on the topic from the Free Will Baptist site

Missional Reading List.  This list is geared toward understanding the missional church movement, but much of the information in these works (at least those I have read) relates to the new model of ministry and bi-vocationalism.  Of these, I highly recommend the works by Alan Hirsch.