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The following blog posts are both related to bi-vocational ministry and are extremely helpful.  I encourage you to read through both the initial posts and the replies, as both are enlightening:

Post by JR Rozko (Life on the Vine)

Post 2 by JR Rozko

Post 3 by JR Rozko

Post 4 by JR Rozko

Post 5 by JR Rozko

Post 6 by JR Rozko

Post by David Fitch (Life on the Vine)

Post by Todd Hiestand (The Well)

Post 2 by Todd Hiestand

Post by Jason Coker

Post 2 by Jason Coker

Post by Justin Wise

Post 2 by Justin Wise

Post by Bill Kinnon

Post by John Chandler (Austin Mustard Seed)

Post 2 by John Chandler

Post 3 by John Chandler